Graphics Books

1. Anime Studio The Official Guide
2. Fundamentals of Three Dimensional Digital Image Processing
3. The Camera Assistant's Manual, 5th Edition
4. The Essential Guide to Open Source Flash Developments
5. Visual Complexity and Intelligent Computer Graphics Techniques Enhancements
6. Curves and Surfaces for Computer Graphics
7. Transformations and Projections in Computer Graphics
8. Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling Implementation & Algorithms
9. Geometric Data Structures for Computer Graphics
10. Effective Computational Geometry for Curves and Surfaces
11. Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling Mathematics
12. Collision Detection in Interactive 3D Environments
13. Computer Graphics C Version 2Ed
14. Interactive Curve Modeling
15. Geometry for Computer Graphics Formulae Examples and Proofs
16. Geometric tools for computer graphics
17. Real Time Collision Detection
18. OpenGL Programming Guide 5th Ed
19. GPU Gems 3
20. 3D Programming for Windows
21. Meta analysis of Binary Data Using Profile Likelihood
22. 3D Object Processing
23. Geometric Algebra for Computer Graphics
24. The 3 D Global Spatial Data Model
25. Digital Watermarking and Steganography, 2nd Edition
26. An Introduction to Computer Graphics and Creative 3 D Environments
27. 3D Shape Estimation and Image Restoration
28. Implicit Objects in Computer Graphics
29. Logo Font & Lettering Bible 150dpi
30. An Introduction to NURBS
31. Digital Art Masters vol 2a
32. The PC Graphics Handbook
33. Image Acquisition and Processing with LabView
34. Direct3D Programming Kick Start
35. Introduction to Computer Graphics
36. Feature Extraction and Image Processing

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