Electrical Engineering Books

1. Analog and Digital Filter Design
2. Homemade Solar Cells
3. Practical Troubleshooting Of Electrical Equipment And Control Circuits
4. Bio electricity A Quantitative Approach
5. Electric Motors (Workshop Practice) by Jim Cox
6. Radio Receiver Design
7. On Chip Instrumentation Design and Debug for Systems on Chip
8. FULL Solution Manual CMOS VLSI DESIGN
9. Electronic Filter Design Handbook, 4th Edition
10. Protective Relay Principles
11. Fuzzy Neural Network Theory and Application
12. Minimizing and Exploiting Leakage in VLSI Design
13. Problems and solutions in electronics
14. Recent Advances in Mechatronic
15. Microwave Radio Transmission Design Guide
16. How Do Solar Panels Work
17. Why Do the Lights Turn On
18. Fault Location on Power Networks
19. Concepts in Electric Circuits
20. The Complete Idiots Guide to Electrical Repair
21. Handbook of Modern Sensors 3rd Edition
22. Organic Electronics in Sensors and Biotechnology
23. Optical Sensor Systems in Biotechnology 1st Edition
24. High Power Microwaves 2nd Edition
25. Ultra Low Power Capacitive Sensor Interfaces
26. Physical and Chemical Aspects of Organic Electronics
27. Physical and Chemical Aspects of Organic Electronics
28. Physical and Chemical Aspects of Organic Electronics
29. Silicon on Sapphire Circuits and Systems Sensor and Bio sensor Interfaces
30. Fuel Cells Modeling Control and Applications
31. The Control Techniques Drives and Controls Handbook 2nd Edition
32. Modern Electric Hybrid Electric and Fuel Cell Vehicles 2nd Edition
33. Cabling The Complete Guide to Copper and Fiber Optic Networking
34.1 Electrical Craft Principles 5th Edition Volume 1
34.2 Electrical Craft Principles 5th Edition Volume 2
35. Nanowelded Carbon Nanotubes
36. Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle
37. Microwave Devices and Circuits 3rd Edition
38. Cooling Techniques for Electronic Equipment 2nd Edition
39. Microwave RF Applicators and Probes
40. Low Power Design of Nanometer FPGAs Architecture and EDA
41. Wind Energy Handbook
42. Energy Management Handbook
43. High Speed Electronics and Optoelectronic Devices and Circuits
44. Significance of Tests and Properties of Concrete and Concrete Making Materials
45. Automation in Construction Volume 18, Issue 7
46. Automotive Lubricant Testing and Advanced Additive Development
47. Intelligent Systems and Signal Processing in Power Engineering
48. Combustion 3rd Edition
49. Superior Order Curvature Correction Techniques for Voltage References
50. Fundamentals of HVAC Control Systems
51. Computer Analysis of Power Systems
52. Wireless Communications Principles and Practice
53. Power Electronics in Smart Electrical Energy Networks, 1st Edition
54. Image Based Measurement Systems
55. Passive Active and Digital Filters
56. Electronic Circuits Fundamentals and Applications 2nd Edition
57. Power Quality in Electrical Machines and Power Systems
58. Transmission and Distribution Electrical Engineering, 3rd Edition
59. Electrical Power Transmission System Engineering
60. Electronic Circuit Design From Concept To Implementation
61. Advanced Computer Techniques in Applied Electromagnetics
62. Flexible Power Transmission The HVDC Options
63. High Frequency Electromagnetic Dosimeter
64. Introduction to Power Electronics
65. Linear Feedback Control Analysis and Design with MAT LAB
66. Getting The Most Out Of Vacuum Tubes
67. High Frequency and Microwave Engineering
68. Instrumentation Reference Book
69. Solid State Lasers A Graduate Text
70. Handbook Fiber Optic Data Communication 2E
71. Power Plant Engineering (New Age International)
72. RF Front End World Class Designs
73. Sensors and Micro systems
74. Tera hertz Sensing Technology, Volume 1
75. Browse Shared Files
Sustainable Solar Housing Exemplary Buildings and Technologies (Volume 2)

76. Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory, 7th Edition
77. Sustainable Solar Housing Strategies and Solutions (Volume 1)
78. Nano And Molecular Electronics Handbook
79. Intelligent Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis for Engineering Systems
80. Solar Energy Engineering Processes and Systems
81. Model and Design of Bipolar and MOS Current Mode Logic
82. Engineering Digital Design
83. Web Based Enterprise Energy and Building Automation Systems
84. High Reliability Magnetic Devices
85. Classification, Parameter Estimation and State Estimation
86. Principles of Measurement Systems
87. Lighting Modern Buildings
88. Solar Technologies for Building
89. Real Time Stability Assessment in Modern Power System Control Centers
90. Micro Fuel Cells Principles and Applications
91. Mixed Analog digital VLSI Devices and Technology
92. Monte Carlo Methods for Electromagnetics
93. Complete PCB Design Using OrCAD Capture and PCB Editor
94. Circuit Simulation with SPICE OPUS Theory and Practice
95. Switch mode RF Power Amplifiers
96. Electronic Device Architectures for the Nano CMOS Era
97. Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Measurement
98. Advanced Power Rectifier Concept
99. Industrial Applications of Lasers, 2nd Edition
100. Analog Electronics with LabVIEW
101. Design, Construction and Operating Principles of Electromagnets
102. High Linearity RF Amplifier Design
103. Electrical Installations Handbook, 3rd Edition
104. Radio Engineering for Wireless Communication and Sensor Applications
105. Renewable Energy Conversion, Transmission, and Storage
106. Mobile Robots Inspiration to Implementation, 2nd Edition
107. Realization Theory and Design of Digital Images, 1st Edition
108. Telecoms For Dummies
109. HVDC and FACTS Controllers Applications of Static Converters in Power Systems
110. Solid State Electronic Devices, 5th Edition

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